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By: Donyale Nicola of Exotic Dance Party Central
Nowadays every bride-to-be has been dragged kicking and screaming to the male strip club to have male beefcake and sweat splash up and down her body with the intention of showing her what she’ll be missing out on when she walks down the aisle and say I do, but once she lays eyes on the first Magic Mike it’s like you’ve seen, smelled and touched them all! Dollars stuff, stuff, pass and retreat to the back and become untouchable wishing you were dancing, better yet visualizing yourself as the stripper dancing and laughing it up with your bridal team for The Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience!


What is the Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience?

What is The Ultimate Exotic Dance Party Experience

Exotic Dance is the sexiest dance styles taught to unleash your inner stripper in a safe comfortable dance environment, exotic dancing to the latest sex trap music surrounded by those who know you best, judge you less for letting your hair down, dropping it like its hot, putting your hands on your knees and make your booty pop; an exotic dance bachelorette party is a gift to the bride, groom and bridesmaids that keeps on giving way past the wedding night so why not do it right? Exotic dancing at the bachelorette party is the hottest dance experience given to honor the bride-to-be with sexy dancing and tasteful debauchery. Choosing the pole dance company, exotic dance instructor and pole dancing venue is as common as choosing the wedding planner, wedding venue and wedding officiant; it’s all about the bride-to-be and making her happy. If you’re the maid of honor you have the most important job of your life because you and only you will be blamed if you loose, refuse, disappoint or fail to plan her last night, weekend or days as a single woman. Remember this; you are not alone, we are here to make sure that you have a stress-free and seamless Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Planning Experience with No Hidden Figures right here in New York City the City that never sleeps, parties are non-stop and Exotic Dance Party Central will keep you sexy and exotic dancing. Your professional exotic dance instructor Alieesah will make you feel sexy, confident in an intimate and private setting. Exotic dance and bachelorette parties goes back many centuries however in its modern form you are the stripper,  this is the new sexual revolution stripping away your inhibitions and demanding sexual equality one stripper move at a time.

Do I Have To Get Naked?

Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience

You’ve heard the quote that a little dancing never hurt nobody; exotic dancing for your lover takes your relationship to a sexier level so why not save the nudity for your someone special. We’ll teach you the strip-tease with his button down shirt, hat and tie with your leggings or booty shorts. The ultimate exotic dance bachelorette party is all about the bride-to-be being the center attraction as she has the most fun, learning to be sexy and grinding her body with passion guided by a professional female dance instructor.

Who Should I Invite To My Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience?

You could invite the groom, best man and groomsmen only if he’s going to be a willing dance participant not a judge, his lap will come in handy for a Dick and Jane Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience Co-Ed.

Mother of the bride has always been a welcome, willing and able participant at Exotic Dance Party Central she can strip, grind and twerk with the best without passing judgment. When putting together the guestlist you may want to rethink checking her off; it’s also a great bonding experience for mother and bride-to-be.

The future sister in-laws may be off limits and if she doesn’t make herself clear and present without a side eye she is completely avoidable just because she’s not yet in the bride’s social circle yet, unless her the bride go way back or maybe she’s the matchmaker, if so she should definitely be part of the bachelorette party festivities.

The Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience Is…

The Ultimate Exotic Dance Bachelorette Party Experience

the first timer or experienced maid of honor’s best kept secret to a stress-free bachelorette party that keeps the other girls wondering why they are always the bridesmaid never the maid of honor who makes the bachelorette party come together, look so fun, easy and exactly what the bride-to-be wanted without breaking a nail? Pssst… it’s because she has Donyale; an expert private bachelorette party planner making it all happen behind the scenes, quick take down this number 917-742-6674 you can call or text the secret password is (Say Yes To The Bachelorette Party).

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