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Hey birthday girl, did you know #October is officially deemed #BirthdayMonth filled with tons of #celebritybirthdays especially here @exoticparties where you are the celebrity and Donyale your personal party planner is here just for you, whether you are self-planning your milestone or someone elses birthday getaway for her! Let me tell you, I’m gonna help you take the Y out of Do it Yourself because I know you are already dealing with enough personalities and getting everyone together.  First let me give a brief breakdown to my #Libra ladies ready to come out to dance, party and celebrate, we’ll start with pole dancing, twerking and some stripper 101, lap dancing “yes lap dancing ladies” this is the gift of dance that keeps on giving to your lover and/or significant other at home ‘no judgement’ it’s your world take a twirl on our poles of pleasure, oh did I mention your birthday getaway comes with a stripper too, just click your heels, tap your champagne glasses only to be whisk away to take over the nightlife hitting exclusive venues and getting some well deserved VIP treatment.

Don’t let this be you, birthday girl on the (left) is an example of a sad birthday girl who did not have the Ultimate Exotic Dance Party Experience! Birthday girl on the (right) fortunately had the Ultimate Birthday Party NYC Getaway Experience planned by yours truly at Exotic Dance Party Central.

By: Donyale Nicola of Exotic Dance Party Central

Apologies for jealousy and/or envy these pictures my cause! 1+ 646-491-0787 Call now before its too late…


Partying is about going somewhere new, let Exotic Dance Party Central be your guide to an amazing night of New York City adventure in style with your girls by your side and a dance pole for support .


The Fall season welcomes change enjoy the luxuries that being alive to see what another year has to offer by screaming its ‘My Birthday Bitches‘ from the top of a NYC #rooftop Lounge


So what your biological clock is ticking ‘You Are The Life Of The Party’, a little #sexy dancing never hurt nobody, and works wonders for the #relationship for pre-baby-making which means post-celebrating is in the air.


Hi again, below is a photo of me, Your event planner and NYC getaway planner with the look of determination on my face envisioning your Ultimate Exotic Dance Birthday Party Experience and NYC Getaway ‘I see you having a great time’. Once again my name is Donyale Nicola give me a call I’m waiting 1+ 646-491-0787


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