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By: Donyale Nicola CEO, Exotic Dance Central


Keep Calm and Hire a Planner… Because we all know that Perfect, Party and Planning in NYC the City that Never and I mean Ever Sleeps is nearly Impossible, Right? Wrong… If you have a Professional Party Planner! Who… Is Patient, Truthful, Helpful and Knows the NYC Party State of Mind! Your Perfect Getaway awaits you….


When planning your Perfect Getaway in New York City for a bachelorette party with Exotic Dance Party Central the only thing you need to handle is…. Who you’re bringing? We take care of the fun things to do in NYC for bachelorette like the pole dancing and learn to strip dance in NYC… Sounds fun so far? Were just getting started… Lets >take a peek< at some other dance party options. Remember to contact Donyale to let her know what you think.


It’s your Birthday! You can do┬áit all yourself and cry if you want to… But why? Especially when its only your 21st birthday and you finally get into a real nightclub in NYC and order a real drink and dance on a stripper pole if you want to! Now think about it and I know I’m repeating myself but the biggest question is always going to be… Who will you bring? And say it with me ‘Besties’ let Exotic Dance Party Central handle the adult birthday party ideas! Even if its your 30th birthday, 40th birthday or 50th birthday you’re never to old to party like it’s 1989 Taylor Swift style! Let’s click here >to unwrap< the first gift to yourself and please do contact Donyale if you have something more in mind like that nightclub… She’ll help you choose the right 1.


Have you been work long hours? Home all day and everyday with the kids? Ready to re-connect with your girlfriends and maybe make some new “besties”? Alright lets keep it real those are all excuses, right? Because we don’t really need a reason to have a party or attend a party even its Just for the Fun of it? So here we go again… Who are we gonna bring?? With the help of Exotic Dance Party Central you can Inspire your ‘Besties’ there’s that word again, lol! So what about inspiring your girlfriends to strap on their highest high heels, get the freakuum dress out the closet, rent a hotel room or apartment in the City for one day or weekend? Does that sound like the start of a plan? Now if you like parties, and would like to include dancing(stripper dancing or pole dancing maybe?) to your liking, look no further… Exotic Dance Party Central has the party just for you… >Lets Get Started< remember you do have Donyale to help you with the planning just give her a call, text or email!

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New York City Bachelorette Party Planning Specialist Donyale Nicola has an extensive background in all aspects of the event planning and getaway planning profession. She has access to a full range of related activities, products and contacts in NYC and surrounding areas. All of her list of party vendors and party service providers have demonstrated superior professionalism and service contributing to the development of a successful business relationship with Donyale Nicola, Bachelorette Parties NY, Exotic Dance Party Central and all of their clients. " Our preferred vendors are the best nightclubs, restaurants, party venues, lounges, hotels, entertainment, tours and attractions in NYC"