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By: Donyale Nicola – CEO, Exotic Dance Central

Say Yes To The Bachelorette Party Ideas for #WeddingWednesday

Finding the perfect activities and fun things to do for the Ultimate bachelorette party for the bride-to-be to experience her last days and nights as a single woman should include female bonding (loads of laughter), debauchery that includes male-female eye-candy(no one’s excluded), talking about men and even picking up men(just try not to have the bachelorette party the day before the wedding) bar-hopping, night club crawling, food, food more food and bottle service, hotel room, party bus/limo is Sooo neccessary(spend no $$$ on cleaning your car/rental or your home at the end of the(puke fest). So whether your festivities are going to last for one night or the weekend have a PLAN (who’s balancing the budget)? Here are a few bachelorette party ideas to get you off to a good start.



Say Yes To The Bachelorette Party Ideas


  1. Women Down: Where you and the girls bed down for one night or weekend defines where you party and play so choose wisely from Tribeca to Times Square, the bachelorette party hotel location matters
  2. Driver’s Seat: When team bride-to-be steps out of the car, off the plane, exit the train then hop off the party bus how you arrive to your activities says a whole lot, the bachelorette party transportation matters
  3. Dance On: The high heels were packed to hit the dance floor, get your grown and sexy on with the groom in mind(of course) learn to be the perfect wife in his head, stripper in his bed-room, the pole dancing, strip dancing, twerking and lap dancing bachelorette party location matters
  4. Man Candy: If he can’t make his body the party all over your body(not in a gross way) with choreographed sexy dance moves to tease and please the bride-to-be making her re-think marriage for just that moment, make sure that the dancer is/has the complete package because bachelorette party entertainment matters
  5. To Eat or Not To Eat: Let’s keep it sexy ladies even when it comes down to the food, explore your edible options from cooking class, restaurant or dinner show know your bride-to-be, her likes and dislikes eating is believe it or not the most consistent activity done bachelorette party food matters.
  6. Music to Her Ears: Always ask who’s playing in the nightclub tonight, who’s hot and what’s not, you can’t judge a club by the name alone but by the DJ whether it’s heavy, hard, EDM, top 40 or R&B, table and bottle service are now priced by popularity of audiences listening pleasure bachelorette party nightclub matters whether you like it rachett, rave or relaxed.

For More Info: If you are planning a bachelorette party and looking for awesome bachelorette party ideas after you Say Yes To The Dress we are here to help you Say Yes, To The Bachelorette Party

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