Exotic Dance Party Central has provided an FAQ list of the most frequently asked party questions to assist you in your private dance party planning with us. Please review and if you have any additional party questions feel free to contact us and one of our party planners will answer you within 24 hours.

A. The standard age limit is 18 years old however we do allow guest to have a party if you are over 16years of age. All parties that consist of minors must be accompanied by an adult who is one of the parents of the guest. Each parent of all guest who are under age of 18 must fill out and complete a parental registration and liability form online that must be submitted at least one week prior to the event.

A. The party attire is comfortable clothing. We recommend wearing shorts or leggings, t-shirt or tank top, stiletto heels, high heel shoes or sneakers or barefeet! (No Socks). Please be aware that if you wear something different from what we suggest you may have some difficulty learning some of the moves.

A. We do not allow guest to bring in any beverages(alcoholic/non-alcoholic). You can bring in the following foods (cakes, cupcakes, finger foods, sandwiches). We do not allow foods that have to be heated. If you would like for us to provide you with catering for your party please speak to your party planner about our catering services. Please note there will be additional charges added for tax and delivery charge).

A. Yes you can still have a party if you have less than 10 guest however the price is the same because you are paying for a private session. Please view party policy.

A. Yes male guest can attend your party just as long as they are participating. We do not allow spectators.

A. Yes we can accommodate parties with more than 24 guest. The price would differ depending on the amount of people and the of 25-200 guest must speak to our party planner about event planning services.

A. Yes pregnant guest can participate in any of the parties however depending on the stage of pregnancy we would recommend that they do not try any pole tricks, floor work or anything that makes them uncomfortable.

A. We do understand that some guest may be shy however with our team of instructors and staff we will make you feel right at home. Our instructors will guide you through a step by step fun learning experience whether your a beginner or not. Feel free to participate in what ever part you want with no pressure from our friendly staff however please do remember we do not allow spectators and all guest who attend will be charged.

A. We have a strict policy about lateness, due to the popularity of our party classes we are always booked back to back. We can not start another clients party late due to your lateness reguardless of the situation. Therefore all parties will start on time and end on time. Please make sure that you and your guest leave as early as possible so that your not late and so you can enjoy your 2 hour experience to the fullest

A. All parties require a 50% deposit of your total cost and your remaining balance is due 72 hr before your party however if you book your party within 1 week to the scheduled date you must pay for your party in full. Please view party policy.

A. Payments for additional guest are due 72 hours prior to your party scheduled date. If you have guest that do cancel and you have already paid for them. You will not receive a refund regardless of the situation.